Your Home Away From Home: Welcome to Fox Den Country Club

Let’s take a closer look at what Fox Den Country Club is and what you can do there. Enjoy the time of your life at North Carolina’s hidden treasure. Explore the joys that you can discover!

What is Fox Den Country Club?

Fox Den Country Club is a prestigious estate nestled in the gently rolling hills of North Carolina. We offer unparalleled scenic views and world class amenities that those with refined tastes are sure to enjoy. We have in our property the world class 18-hole championship golf course designed by Mr. Clyde Johnson himself. Mr. Johnson enjoys an unblemished reputation as one of America’s most respected green way architects.

What is the golf experience like?

In a word: challenging. Varying tees on each hole ensure that our golfers have an enjoyable albeit challenging time. Our courses are viable for golfers of varying skill level.  Our courses are comprised of Bermuda fairways, idyllic pond views, and Bent-Grass greens to bring to life a truly picturesque environment.

What does the location have to offer?

Other than our stellar amenities and world class golf course, Den Fox also offers a chance to get in touch with nature’s bounty. Lake Norman, one of the most culturally rich public places, is right next door. Lush mountain views and beaches are only a half day’s travel.

This means that when you have a home near the area, not only can you have access to our opulent club house, but other places for your enjoyment are easily accessible.

There are homes in the area?

Fox Den Country Club is part of an established community of homeowners. There are vastly luxuriously but refreshingly affordable homes that comprise the nearby area. The quality of the homes in the area is exactly what you would come to expect from a high class residential community.

If you’re looking to cut a piece of our real estate pie, send our office a message and we’ll be happy to oblige your concerns.

What else is there in Den Fox?

Other than our stellar golf course, we have other amenities like a pool, a tennis court, and many others. We have venues that are available for special occasions and events. We make it our business to ensure that our members are afforded the best experiences when it comes to their special occasions.

We also have venues to hold meetings and conferences of various sizes. So regardless of your needs, Den Fox can see it through. We have, at the ready, highly skilled coordinators who are more than able to help you with your events. You need not worry about food or entertainment as we’ve got options for you to choose from.

If you ever find yourself in North Carolina, come and pay our distinctive club house a visit. No matter what you’re looking for, Den Fox Country Club can accommodate you. You can give our golf course a turn or explore your culinary senses at our club house grill. You’ll never regret it.

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