The Lovely Location of Fox Den Country Club

If you’ve ever wondered just where exactly Fox Den Country Club is, wonder no further. Today, we take you into a detailed discussion on how to find us on this lovely little state we call our own lovely home.

We are conveniently located at Exit 45 off I-77. We’re between Statesville and Charlotte, quite hard to miss. If you feel like you’re still going to miss, don’t worry! Read on below to get specific directions from wherever starting point you may be coming from.

If you’re coming from the Statesville Regional Airport:

  • Depart from the airport and heat north to Airport road.
  • Take the 2nd exit from the roundabout onto Airport road.
  • Turn right onto Hickory Highway (US-70).
  • Turn right onto W. Garner Bagnal Boulevard
  • Turn right onto Shelton Avenue
  • Turn left onto Amity Hill Road
  • Turn left onto Club House Drive
  • You’ve arrived at Den Fox Country Club

If you’re coming from Best Western-Statesville:

  • Head north on Morland Drive
  • Turn left onto E Garner Bagnal Boulevard
  • Turn left onto Shelton Avenue
  • Turn left onto Amity Hill Road
  • Turn left onto Club House Drive
  • You’ve arrived at Den Fox Country Club

What can you see on the way?

Depending on the time of year you choose to go, the scenery can change quite a bit. You’ll be afforded lush summer greens during the summer. You’ll see dramatic auburn leaves come fall. The snow hugs each curve of the land in winter. Regardless of the season you travel, it’s a pretty lovely car trip. Be sure to plan before you hit the road. Deciding early on what you want to do at Den Fox is a good way to secure a spot at the tee or at the tennis court. We have lovely amenities that you can indulge in and a world class golf course to challenge yourself with. If you want to secure some private tee time, be sure to contact our office and book a specific time for yourself or your party. We’d be happy to oblige.

Not only do you get to enjoy a good game of golf, you also afford yourself a chance to get in touch with Mother Nature’s beauty. There is really nothing quite like viewing the quiet majesty of mountain ranges or the hushed serenity of a lake. There is no substitute for feeling the cool air on your face and the sun shining down at you. All these and more await you at Den Fox Country Club.

Where else can you find a location with beauty and substance married into a single architectural success? Come and enjoy our other amenities like the pool, the tennis court, the various event halls, and even the grill. At our grill you can go on a culinary journey! Tickle your taste buds like never before.

No matter where you hail from, Den Fox Country Club is definitely worth the visit. You weary city self with definitely thank you for it.

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