Why Are There So Many Golf Nuts? A Closer Look at Why This Sport is So Enduring

One of the highlights of Fox Den Country Club is our championship golf course designed by Clyde Johnston. So we have a very good idea about the importance of golf. If you’ve ever wondered why there are so many golf enthusiasts in the world, you’re not alone. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look as to why the lovely sport of Golf endures to this day.

What is Golf anyway?

In the strictest definition, golf is a club and ball sport. Instead of a single club, there are several in its variety to hit the ball with. The ball is driven across a series of courses with a hole upon it. The general rule is that players try to get the ball to the hole with as little strokes as possible.

golf - Why Are There So Many Golf Nuts? A Closer Look at Why This Sport is So Enduring

Hold on! Winning with as little strokes as possible?

Does it sound challenging? The stroke rule is the gist of a part of it but not its entirety. That’s not the only thing that gives golf its standout quality. There are other parts of golf that makes it last through the eras. Here are some of them:

Wind and Weather

That’s because it actually really is. Instead of the standardized conditions like those in basketball, volleyball, and other ball sports, golf players have it quite differently. Golfers need to get their ball to the hole at the end of the course all the while dealing with varying weather conditions. Wind is often unpredictable and can change in the blink of an eye. The wind, depending on the direction it’s blowing, can help or hinder the golfer’s progress.

 The wind is something that golfers need to properly deal with while trying to get their ball toward the hole.


No two golf courses are the same. In fact, this is what golfers like most about the sport. Unlike other ball game locations like you’d expect from baseball, soccer—wherein the specifications or length must be the same—golf has no such rule. Golf courses take pride in being different and—in most cases—being difficult. As Robin Williams once said in one of his shows, “golf is made in a way that they’ll put a lot of crazy stuff in between you and the hole”.

The best players in the world are able to get their ball to the hole in marshes, sand, and even beach-like terrain.

golf2 - Why Are There So Many Golf Nuts? A Closer Look at Why This Sport is So Enduring

That sounds crazy! Why would anyone want that?

This is because golfers are made of sterner stuff than most folk. They rise to challenges that most people would deem to be too much work. Not only do they get bragging rights about landing their goal with as little strokes as possible, they also get a ton of exercise while they’re at it.

Golfers, the ones fully dedicated to the craft, are generally healthy people. Their love for the game pushes them to lead overall healthy lifestyles. Since golf will always come up with more courses and different conditions, you never play the same game twice.

This is why it endures to this day.

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