Top Choices for R&R Limo Rental Services in Austin

The Best R&R Limo Rental Services in Austin

Going around town in style is one that some people dream the most. Whether it is walking around the streets dressed up with those branded clothes, looking like that admirable celebrity, and riding on that fancy, eye-catching, head-turning and luxurious car – it’s one of those wishful moments.

Good news is those can turn into a reality by booking with R&R Limo Rental Services in Austin, Texas! But what kind of service should you pick? We’ll give you the top three choices, and you figure out what’s best for your crew.

Top Choices for R&R Limo Rental Services in Austin

Motor Coach

Let’s start from the largest of them all. If you want to go big, a Motor Coach is recommended for you. Accommodating up to 56 passengers in one ride, you will surely get the most out of what you paid for.

These motor coaches have excellent features prioritizing the customer’s comfort and ease while travelling. It offers reclining seats with a spacious leg room and adjustable foot rests and restrooms.

More so, it also gives passengers individual reading lights, with installed WIFI for internet connectivity.

For long trips, don’t worry. These motor coaches provide overhead racks and other compartments that allow storage for your heavy luggage and carry-on bags; relieving you from the worry and stress that you have to think about.

It’s so versatile that this option can be used for any occasion. Name it and it will be available for you. Just leave it to the management.


This list wouldn’t be complete without naming the most stylish vehicle perfect for weddings and other corporate events – the Lincoln Town Car limousine. This kind of limousine is synonymous to luxury and success making it the most sought ride.

With a seating capacity of up to eight passengers, you will indeed be treated with a one-of-a-kind experience.

The Lincoln Town Car is a classic American stretch limo that is not only well-known in United States but around the world. If you watched Hollywood movies, you’ll have a sneak peek of what’s inside. I

t has a 5-star safety rating with an exceptional interior space and sound-proofing system that doesn’t disturb the activities of passengers. What happens inside stays inside. Surely, you will never go wrong with this choice.


Last but definitely not the least – the Sedan. It may be considered the smallest of choices, but don’t underestimate this luxurious car. Their full-size Cadillac XTS is still sought after due to its speed and safety features.

It runs with a V6 engine offering over 300 horsepower and fuelling up to 3.6 liters; you will treated with a quick ride while you are only relaxing.

In addition, it also has a safety package with stability control, anti-lock braking system, and front and rear side curtain airbags making sure you are safe when emergency happens. This choice is good for a small group of people.

The Best R&R Limo Rental Services in Austin

Why Choose R&R Limo Rental Services

Now that we’ve shared to you the top three picks, we’re ending this article by telling you why R&R Limo Rental Services is the best choice if you are in Austin, Texas.

  • Trustworthy – R&R Limo Rental Services is a proud member of Austin Chamber since 2014. It has a long track record of experience in partnerships where they actively participate in organizations such as: National Limo Association, Certified Tourism Ambassador, Global Business Travellers Association, Transportation Safety Exchange Approved Carrier and many more.
    When trust is the foundation, you will not regret booking with them.
  • Client Reference – Because of the excellent services provided by the company, they have a list of clients that stayed and preferred vendor status with the following organizations: Department of Defense, Austin Area School Districts, South by Southwest Conferences and ESPN X-Games. With this list, you know they are really sought after.
  • Service – They offer various services accommodating your needs. From airport transportation, church transportation, corporate transportation, personal drivers, special events, and special occasions – don’t fret because the management will handle them for you.

So, make those dreams a reality and book R&R Limo Rental Services in Austin, Texas. May your experience be one for the books.